How To Activate Kaspersky Activation Code

Kaspersky antivirus has been ranked under top five antivirus software for providing best security features. From online to offline safeguard measures, Kaspersky detects and blocks threats and virus to breach into your device provided you use Kaspersky activation while installation. This gives you the finest protection as you get access to licensed software.

When you switch from free version to a paid one and install Kaspersky on all your device, it protects you in all cases. The security software (available at is accessible on Windows, Mac, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian phones, and Android devices. Along with all these magnificent features, users get the finest Kaspersky Customer Support. The antivirus entitles you to safeguard against unsafe internet connectivity or external devices. So if you want to install Kaspersky with activation code or without it, follow the steps manually.

Steps for Kaspersky antivirus free download

  1. Visit the office Kaspersky website
  2. Select from – Business or Home
  3. Check if any product in your chosen category is free
    • If there is no free product available, you will need to install Kaspersky with activation code
  4. Or scroll down to the footer section of the page and under Home products, you will find a ‘Kaspersky Free’ option
  5. Click on the option and to install Kaspersky antivirus free
  6. After you download the file, open the file and run installation

Steps to install Kaspersky with activation code

  1. Go to the official Kaspersky page
  2. Sign in/ Sign up for an account
    • It is a mandatory step when you want to install Kaspersky antivirus using the activation code
  3. Select from – Home or Business
  4. Click ‘Buy’ after confirming all its features
  5. Complete the payment
  6. Open a new tab, login to your email account and note down your Kaspersky activation code for next step
  7. Locate the key to download licensed software
  8. Run the installation file and complete the on-screen step to get started

The antivirus software gives you access to control the internet activity on your device. In most cases, Kaspersky automatically blocks unsafe WebPages and software before you start to surf or install them until you give them permission.

Services you get when you use Kaspersky activation code while installation

  • Security software provides advanced internet security, password management, endpoint security, threat detection, and many other cybersecurity products and services.
  • The real-time protection or Internet security software offers privacy features, anti-phishing utilities, and parental control.
  • It is the most prominent asset of Kaspersky Total Security services that bring diagnostic tools, website filter, track of web activity, Password and key manager applications and other functions.
  • Stores all your data on cloud memory in encrypted form
  • One-time subscription to protect multiple devices
  • It has a system analyzer that helps in improving the system’s performance
  • Firewall protection helps to block access of malicious websites and downloads
More such features are available when you go with a subscribed version.